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Register of Ships 2012-2013

IHS Fairplay Register of Ships is a hard copy, four-volume collection containing extensive data on all sea-going, self-propelled merchant ships of 100 GT and above, irrespective of their classification. Published since 1764 and widely recognised as the premier source of reference, The Lloyd’s Register of Ships provides information on the world fleet of all seagoing, self-propelled merchant ships of 100 GT and above, irrespective of their classification society.


Features include:
• Details of over 100,000 ships in the world fleet, including: current and former names, tonnages and dimensions, main and auxiliary machinery details, call sign, cargo and shiptype, registration and classification
• Shipfinder Online


Publication July 2012

Cena: 8247.55 PLN (+412.38 PLN VAT)

List of Shipowners 2012-13

IHS Fairplay List of Shipowners is your complete guide to shipowners and their fleets. Printed in a single, hard-back volume, it contains over 1000 pages of ownership details on vessel movements, ports, maritime companies and news, including all sea-going, self-propelled merchant ships of 100 GT and above. An expert editorial team verifies each entry, giving you assurance that you are using a directory from the world's leading authority.


Publication July 2012

Cena: 2365.58 PLN (+118.28 PLN VAT)

Ports & Terminals Guide 2013-2014

IHS Fairplay Ports and Terminals Guide is a hard-back, four-volume set containing over 6,000 pages of details on more than 10,000 ports and terminals. The subscription package includes both the four volume printed set and CD-ROM version.


IHS Fairplay Ports and Terminals Guide key features include:

  • - Details of over 10,000 ports and terminals 
  • - The four-volume printed set plus CD-ROM 
  • - Contact details of over 23,000 port service providers 
  • - Over 4,000 port plans 
  • - Full color maritime atlas
  • Publication October 2012
Cena: 2663.94 PLN (+133.20 PLN VAT)

DPA Handbook

This is a practical guide to the role and responsibilities of the Designated Person Ashore (DPA), under the ISM Code, whose influence should significantly affect the development and implementation of a safety culture within a Company.
This book contains safety management guidance and comprehensive coverage of many vital topics such as regulations, auditing, management systems, self-protection, accident and Near-Miss analysis and Port State Control. It includes many practical case studies and check lists.
The author (Mick Caulkin) and his colleagues at Regs4ships are experienced Merchant Navy officers, Port State Control Inspectors, flag State surveyors and auditors. The author was also a founding member of the Enforcement Unit in the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency and has seen at first hand the value of a Safety Management System that protects individuals and Companies; and how the lack of a system makes their defence to allegations of breaking the law very difficult.
So that this book does not date, it is presented in loose-leaf format to facilitate quarterly updates for those wishing to receive them. An Insight section in each update will cover new law cases, accidents and matters of concern or interest.

Cena: 1001.64 PLN (+50.08 PLN VAT)
DPA Handbook

Docking Handbook

This comprehensive manual is an ideal tool from which to prepare for a ship’s docking and to monitor the performance of the work.
• New and improved checklists
• Extensive details of repairs carried out in China (steel, delays, workforce, time, contract and payment)
• Advice on how to avoid unnecessary expense
• Up-to-date database of repairers and marine equipment suppliers
With over 470 pages of standard forms and checklists, the handbook provides all of the documentation needed for planning, pre-arrival, during and after docking to improve efficiency and control. All the documents and checklists contained within the publication can be downloaded from the CD-ROM onto your PC, enabling you to complete and send them electronically and archive them for future reference.
The CD-ROM also contains a fully searchable database of ship repairers and marine equipment companies worldwide, simplifying the task of finding suitable suppliers.


2009 Edition – Published October 2008

Cena: 1832.79 PLN (+91.64 PLN VAT)

Pollution Prevention Handbook

The purpose of this handbook is to provide vessel operators and ship crew with operational guidelines for pollution prevention.
Studies sponsored by the Department of Transport some years ago identified that only 40% of the oily water separators installed on ships worked within the limits set out by the marine pollution convention.
This handbook provides a framework for reasonable solutions, covering systems, procedures and regulations, and describes the fundamentals of pollution prevention measures in simple language and with many practical checklists.
Technical departments will be able to use the handbook to highlight deficiencies where improvements can be made, and to ensure that they comply with MARPOL regulations and avoid costly fines and ship detentions.
All of the documents and checklists contained within the book can be downloaded from the accompanying CD-ROM.


Published April 2006

Cena: 1832.79 PLN (+91.64 PLN VAT)

Superintendent’s Handbook

This publication provides marine superintendents with guidelines for carrying out day-to-day business both in the office and when visiting a vessel.
With over 410 pages the publication focuses on best practice rather than theory. Both experienced superintendents and those new to the role will benefit from this comprehensive reference. Keeping vessels trading on time and within budget, while ensuring compliance with ever increasing regulations, is the role of the superintendent. This publication will assist in virtually every aspect of that task.
All of the documents and checklist contained within the publication can be downloaded from the CD-ROM onto your PC.


2007 Edition – Published October 2006

Cena: 1832.79 PLN (+91.64 PLN VAT)

Ship Repair and Maintenance Handbook

Shipboard maintenance is still an area of weakness for many companies, with repair costs featuring heavily on budgets. There is no point in creating an expensive, computer-based maintenance system if onboard equipment/machinery is poorly maintained. Ships’ staff must always observe manufacturers’ instructions for maintenance.
The Ship Repair and Maintenance Handbook aims to assist technical and safety staff by providing practical advice about onboard maintenance, enabling them to interpret any changes in equipment performance and avoid expensive breakdowns or marine casualties.
This handbook looks at the practical side of repair and maintenance, rather than reliance on computer-based instruction, to assist onboard and shore-based personnel in minimising problems and expensive repairs. It also emphasises the importance of investment in education, spare parts and regular inspection by superintendents.

All forms and checklists contained within the printed manual are downloadable from the guide's accompanying CD-ROM.


Published January 2005

Cena: 1832.79 PLN (+91.64 PLN VAT)

Safety and Environmental Handbook

The introduction of the ISM code highlighted the need to improve awareness and understanding of safety and environmental issues. Due to reduced manning levels, standards of training and communication problems between crew members from various countries, onboard safety is generally an area where improvements can be made.
The Safety and Environmental Handbook will help officers and crew to quickly increase their knowledge of systems, procedures and regulations relating to safety and environmental issues. The handbook describes the fundamentals of basic safety requirements and environmental subjects in simple language and includes many practical checklists.
One of the sections includes the development and conception of a ship-specific ISPS manual, including a working example. Security officers will be able to refer to the handbook for help when drawing up their own manual, as required by the ISPS Code.

The subscription includes a CD-ROM with numerous downloadable forms and checklists.


Published March 2004

Cena: 1832.79 PLN (+91.64 PLN VAT)

Port Security Handbook

The International Ship and Port facility Security (ISPS) Code – Port Security Handbook written by Lloyd’s Register in its role as a Recognised Security Organisation, explains the intricacies of this new and important piece of international maritime legislation.
With over 200 pages of interesting text, full colour photographs, diagrams, flow charts and checklists, the handbook provides the most comprehensive guide to the ISPS Code. The handbook describes the roles and responsibilities of the Port Facility Security Officer and describes the practical steps needed to ensure the most rapid and efficient compliance with code requirements.


Published February 2004

Cena: 2109.84 PLN (+105.49 PLN VAT)

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